What sets Lauren A. Wanosky, Family Dentistry apart from other dentist offices?

Dr. Wanosky, Gail, Susan and Renee are all from the neighborhood! They live in nearby communities and support local churches, schools, and businesses. They believe in giving back to their communities and truly take pride in knowing they are providing “small town” service to their neighbors in a fast paced world.

I’ve heard of dental work being sent to other countries, such as China; what is your policy for lab cases?

We aim to contribute to our community in a positive manner. That’s why our policy is to support local labs that produce quality products. Therefore, any crown, bridge, denture, or other dental appliance (excluding Invisalign) is made by talented individuals working in and around North Olmsted.

I’m scared of the dentist, what can Dr. Wanosky use to help me?

Dr. Wanosky believes that half the battle of overcoming your fear of the dentist is trusting in your dentist. We offer topical and local anesthetics, as well as oral sedation. If you can overcome your fear enough to schedule your appointment, Dr. Wanosky can discuss your options with you and create a personalized plan to ensure the most worry-free experience.

Do you treat children?

Yes! We look at children as being mini-adults. Children can be as easy, if not easier, to work on than some adults. Therefore, every child that comes through our office is considered for treatment. However, Dr. Wanosky will consider referral to a pediatric dentist in difficult cases.

Do accept referrals?

Absolutely – if you feel our office provided quality service, and want to share that with your family or friends, we are grateful for the good word.

Do you accept my insurance? I don’t understand how my insurance works — will you help?

If you’re unsure of your coverage, rest assured that we will contact every insurance company for clarification of your coverage, and each patient receives a detailed explanation of estimated costs for treatment.

Some policies are networked. Although being “in network” may give you better coverage, the difference with going “out of network” may be as little as 10%. As long as your policy permits you to choose your provider, we are more than happy to submit claims to your insurance company on your behalf. 

We are “in network” for the insurances listed below, but we are constantly adding new policies. Please do not hesitate to call on your specific insurance.

Does your office offer financing?

Yes. Third-party financing is available through CareCredit. We also accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

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